Ring Making Class

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Ring Making Class

In this class you will cut thin strips of black walnut, cut and size copper, wrap and glue walnut around copper, lathe groove in ring, inlay material into groove and sand and polish. 

What to expect:

Class price: $50. Childcare is available on-site for this class date! 1st child is $15, additional child is $5.
Maximum number of students in each class: 5
Minimum Age requirement: 18 years and up 
Length of each class: 9:30 to 1:30 with a lunch break from 11-12:00 (bring your own lunch, or you can grab lunch at at nearby restaurant or store)

Basic Itinerary (This is a 2 day course):

  • Cut thin strips of black walnut
  • Cut and size copper pipe (may need to solder).
  • Wrap and glue walnut around copper pipe, let dry.
  • Lathe groove in ring
  • Inlay material into groove
  • Sand and polish ring to completion!

What we provide for the class:

  • All materials and safety equipment provided 

Because your safety is our primary concern, all students will be required to wear eye, ear, and respiratory protection for parts of the class.

After registration, you will be given more details on what to bring, wear, and expect for the duration of the class.

Class schedule
Wednesday from 9:30-1:30

To sign up for a class give us a call at any time!
Phone# 530-227-3339

Please leave a message and we will contact you as soon as possible to get your spot secured for this exciting class! 

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