Wood Working

Planer - Jointer - Router - Drill Press - Table Saw - Circular Saw - Radial Arm saw - Miter Saw - Band Saw - Drum Sander - Belt Sander

Metal Fabrication

Metal Lathe - Welder - 72” Belt grinder - 12” disc grinder - Bench grinder - Horizontal band saw - Vertical band saw - Abrasive chop saw - Propane Forge - Anvil - Striking anvil

3D Printing

We have a Lulzbot mini printer as well as an Anet 8 printer

In addition, we have a variety of hand tools for you to use including but not limited to grinders, sanders, hand saws, power tools, drills, chisels hammers, socket sets, etc.

If we are missing something vital or convenient please let us know and we will do our best to get it for you!


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